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Welcome. Thank you for taking a moment to discover what Music Factory Productions can bring to your next music composition or audio production.

Technology has made it so that just about anyone with a musical idea or vision can easily and inexpensively record and mass produce a music CD. However, more often than not, the final product falls short of one’s intended expectations. Add to that the personal loss of valuable time and energy. Learning and mastering the art and science of music production often takes away from the time that an artist, band or songwriter could be using to perfect their art and craft.

This is where an experienced producer and engineer can be a valuable commodity-An individual with the knowledge and experience to take a client’s creative vision to the next level and help to guide it from conception to completion.

That is our driving mission here at Music Factory offer the latest tools, highest level of creativity and professional know-how to help you achieve your creative goals.


Experience is what sets us apart...

Music Factory Productions is a full service, state of the art, music production facility and audio production company with over 30 years of experience.


December 2015

2015 was another great for us here at Music Factory Productions. We had the honor of working on so many fantastic projects. We are very much looking forward to what 2016 has to offer.